GreenPeak Applications

RF Technology for the Smart Home... and Smarter World

Wireless networks have existed in our homes for decades. 
Cordless phones and wireless data networks like WiFi and Bluetooth are common applications in our daily lives.

Today, the third wireless network of home applications is now starting to emerge, addressing  low power consumption and low data rate sense and control applications like remote controls, energy efficiency, home security, access control, HVAC monitoring, lighting, home health care, etc.

The Smart Home is finally becoming a reality.

Smart Home

Remote controls are among the first applications that have benefited from the ultralow power ZigBee RF4CE communication standard.

As ZigBee is based on radio technology that penetrates walls, furniture, and floors, rather than line of sight optical infrared, this new generation of ZigBee powered remote control means that users no longer have to stand in front of their TV set or set top box to change channels. They don’t have to aim their remotes at a tiny sensor on the front of a device. In fact, as ZigBee has the same range of WiFi, they can be almost anywhere in the room, and have the remote control the TV or set-top box.

Today, many large operators, service providers and utilities are launching Smart Home applications that can be managed via the set-top box/gateway and from there over the web, allowing their subscribers to transform  their homes into state-of-the-art machines that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world via smart phones or tablets.